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Submitted on
July 27, 2013


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Winners at the bottom!

What time is it? Contest time~!

My Adventure Time OC, Galaxy Princess Capella, is quite the unique girl; infact, she has a countless number of outfits! Her hair can grow as long as she wants it to be, or as short as she wants it to be and can change the color of the galaxy her hair is. The thing is, she wants some new outfits. So, this is where the contest comes in!

Design an outfit, or outfits, for her! This is her official ref  and here is a folder of every picture I've pretty much drawn of her. c:…

Her outfit can be anything, and you can also include a new crown design. The outfit can be anything ranging from pajamas, formal dresses/clothes, or just regular every day clothes. Art skill won't matter, just the actual design of the outfit!

It does not need to have galaxy in it by the way.
Also, a reminder that the casual look should be unique and not just a shirt and pants with galaxy print on it.
In addition, I'm not a fan of having the solar system or planets on her outfits.

And so, here are the prizes! They're in the making, and I'd be happy if you could contribute. c:

1st Place:
100 points from :iconishy26:
Fully done picture from :iconunacceptableartist:
Journal doll from me
Fully shaded picture from :iconkumatai:
Sketch from :iconsyico:
Half body lineart from :iconajinda:
Commission from :iconbookpig2176:
Free adopt from :iconbookpig2176:
Full body chibi from :iconxfortysixand2x:
Full-body full-color drawing from :iconfreetarded:
Free sketch from :iconunacceptableartist:
15 points from :iconsakurayagami:
Custom adopt from  :iconunacceptableartist:
Half body from :iconsakurayagami:
Full body full color from :icongreenyfrost:
Simple animation from :iconbookpig2176:

2nd Place:
Flat color from :iconkumatai:
Icon from me
50 points from :iconishy26:
Commission from :iconbookpig2176:
Chibi from :iconsakurayagami:
Free sketch from :iconunacceptableartist:
Full body full color from :icongreenyfrost:
Free adopt from :iconbookpig2176:
Custom adopt from  :iconunacceptableartist:
Free adopt from :iconriku8406:
Lineart from :iconcaxuate:
10 points from :iconsakurayagami:
Lineart from :iconchristi-the-hedgecat:
Simple animation from :iconbookpig2176:

3rd place:
Journal/page doll from me
Picture from :iconraccoonblue:
Full body full color from :icongreenyfrost:
Commission from :iconbookpig2176:
Icon from :iconcream-heart:
Bust drawing from :iconpandasaretoocute77:
Free commission from :iconcaxuate:
Free sketch from :iconunacceptableartist:
Chibi from :iconsakurayagami:
Drawing from :iconraccoonblue:
5 points from :iconsakurayagami:

DEADLINE: August 20th
Meaning by 12 AM (EST) your entry HAS to be in or it won't count. I'll update this with the winners later that day!

I'd be glad if you entered!

Also, I am accepting prize donors. uvu

Galaxy Princess by kjsbear Galaxy Princess Outfit contest entry part two by Mya2001 Galaxy Princess Design Outfit(s) Contest by emeraldblossoms Giddy Galaxy by Shibaki-kun Contest Entry - Princess Capella by Quelliette Galaxy Princess Capella new Outfit (Contest) by UltraWaffles Galaxy Princess - Formal by MelodicArtist Galaxy Princess by afflejack Galaxy Fashion by Porzio5 Galaxy Princess by Avvyraptor Galaxy Princesses new style by Zunachina Bed time Galaxy Princess by charlie-teh-fridge Mais Contest Entry~~ by SaBrinaAdopts Princess Glaxy - Contest by Lizineko <da:thumb id="389100893"/> Galaxy Princess (contest) by Rabisue Galaxy Princess Cute by MoonGirl73 Contest Entry by chibimewerizu <da:thumb id="389520280"/> maiskittlez 'design an outfit *contest*' entry by MapleGirl2728 Suppernova by ha3blondechick Galaxy princess by NinjaNerdsFTW design and outfit contest Galaxy Princess Capella by spikehedgehog99 Galaxy princess outfit entry by ceya456 Galaxy Princess by dark-cup Galaxy Princess - Contest by vale-art13 Galaxy princess :3 by RaccoonBlue Galaxy Princess *contest* by jokodragon Galaxy Princess submission by chaiiro03 Design contes entry( Galaxy Princess Capella) by thuyan99 Galaxy Princess Contest Entry by Fishinggurl Galaxy Princess by retrrs12345 Galaxy Princess by Kacotheunicorn Princess Galaxy (entry for contest) by lord-rav3n Design|Princess Capella by KiShinYuu galaxy princess:capella by killjoyprincess23 Contest: Galxy princess outfits by nesynkoy <da:thumb id="390570608"/> Galaxy Princess Contest Entry by LesGloryDays30 Galaxy Princess Outfit CE, GIF by Syico Galaxy Princess Capella by MustacheSkulls Galaxy Princess by FragrantFarts Galaxy Princess outfrit contest by thedarkwillhide Galaxy Princess by zzepar The Galaxy Princess .::contest::. by christi-the-hedgecat princess capella design a outfit contest =D by artofmetamouth Capella Vega - maiskittlez's Contest Entry by ciao-7 Galaxy Princess by taiga1aisaka Galaxy Princess In The Beach by FluffyTheHuman Galaxy Princess timeline by g86 Galaxy Princess Capella - outfit design *contest* by iAmTheForcex3 Galaxy Princess Contest by tiffaninini Galaxy princess by SneekyGeeky Galaxy Princess by Guedes96 Galaxy Princess outfit by KibaNightray Outfit contest entry by BatGirl20o Galaxy is Mine by AwesomeWeAre Design an Outfit: Galaxy Princess by Angeli-The-Icefairy Galaxy Princess Capella by OtakuMM <da:thumb id="392126137"/> Galaxy Princess Costume by Syluns :Contest Entry: Galaxy Princess by Yoko-tan Galaxy Princess(New Outfit) by Grizzly-Bear-Joe101 outfit design for galaxy princess(contest) by shadowlinkgirl Galaxy Princess-Capella-- Entry 2 by SaBrinaAdopts <da:thumb id="393088545"/> Galaxy Princess by Mamiro12 Galaxy Princess FanArts - BallRoom Gown D by JunketPO Galaxy Princess FanArts - Military Dress Costume D by JunketPO <da:thumb id="393198130"/> :thumb393367362: :thumb393466149: :thumb393609393: .: Beauty of the Galaxy :. by TheChaoticShadow Design an outfit Contest by Mortdres Galaxy Princess by Marcleine :thumb393839636: Galaxy Princess by amsuherdi1111 Outfit for Galaxy Princess Capella by PrincessNightEmerald :thumb394469215: galaxy princess by funntgirl45 Galaxy princess by SavannaBread Galaxy Princess by Scarediecat Galaxy Princess Outfit Design by CelestialMelodia CONTEST TIME!!! :D by popcent Contest entery by Slygirl55 Galaxy by candyleaf Galaxy Princess by VanillaSkyWolf :thumb394773017:

Thank you everyone for entering! It was very hard picking a winner since there was almost 100 entries and they were all a bit unique and different from each other. But, some were generic/plain, others being too galaxy-ish (as in just some galaxies were pasted onto the outfit and that was it),  but :iconp0pcans: and I have come to the conclusion of who the winners are.

In first place is Giddy Galaxy by Shibaki-kun
In second place is Galaxy Princess (contest) by Rabisue
In third place is Galaxy Princess by Avvyraptor

First place:  I didn't really have any complaints with this one, I can really see Capella wearing this. There's not much I would add or remove, besides a crown maybe and a few bracelets similar to her necklace you gave her c:

Second place: Although the boots aren't really my taste, I did like this. I liked the little cane you gave her, and the only changes I would make would be make the gloves a bit longer, as well as the dress so you couldn't really see her shorts underneath.

Third place: I really like the hair accessories in both of the outfits, and I think the sweater looks really nice and cute, and I adore the shoes as well. I usually don't like dresses/skirts that are short in the front and long in the back but this one looks good. I also like the details of the dress's upper part c:

There are some drawings that the judge and I would like to mention whether it was because of the outfit, effort, so on and so forth, so here are the honorable mentions:
:iconp0pcans:'s :
Galaxy Princess Costume by Syluns Galaxy Princess by Marcleine Contest Entry - Princess Capella by Quelliette Galaxy Princess Capella by MustacheSkulls
:thumb389100893: :thumb393466149: Galaxy Princess by FragrantFarts Galaxy Princess Costume by Syluns Galaxy Princess by Marcleine Contest Entry - Princess Capella by Quelliette
(these meaning I'll probably use these outfits or tweak them a bit)

Please all the winners contact the people giving away prizes c: once again thank you everyone for participating!

Plus don't forget to participate in admin BOBBDAPENGUINN's own contest!!
Draw my OC or me contest CLOSEDEdit: This contest is now closed. Winners will be announced real soon so keep your eyes peeled (eww don't do that that's gross) and thank you for participating!!!! Yeeeeeahhhhh
Concurso: dibuja a mi OC o a mi español:
DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 14 if you wish for me to extend it, just ask... And I will take it into serious consideration.
Before you read anything, these are NOT AT OCs!!!! 
If you could donate prizes i would be extremely grateful! Really, anything will do, badges, points, free requests, +watches :)
1st place: 
:bulletred:45 points from me; BOBBDAPENGUINN
:bulletred:Llama from me
:bulletred:free drawing request (full color, shaded) from AlwaysForeverHailey
:bulletred: free headview or chibi drawing request from askFP
2nd place: 
:bulletgreen:35 points from me
:bulletgreen:Llama from me
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Lumdrop Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Is it just me or did this contest seem to go on for a long time?
Maiskittlez Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i suppose if you think 3 weeks is a long time
Lumdrop Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
No well it's because I thought all the summer contests were only going to be a week each.
MelodicArtist Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Huh. I gave it all I had, I guess.
Mortdres Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Congratulations to the winners! :clap:

It´s difficult guess the likes of other person I don’t know.

So I didn’t get even a mention…. Was fun anyway.


Maybe I’ll do some modification later.

Shibaki-kun Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

omg i never thought i'd win since there were so many good entries Q___Q thank you so much!! This is the first time I ever won in a da contest <3
Maiskittlez Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ;~; <3333
Shibaki-kun Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rabisue Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Q___Q :iconovariesplz: Thank you so much! I didn't think id win anything. so happy with second place ;w;
Congrats for the other winners and honorable mentions!! ^o^ :heart:
Maiskittlez Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!! ;u;
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