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Greetings and salutations to the talented artists of Adventure-Time-club!  Some of you may have noticed a recent addition to our submission folders below- the "/r/adventuretime banners" folder (the last folder located at the very bottom). This folder will be the staging ground for a new weekly 'contest' of sorts.  Every week we invite artists to submit a banner image of Adventure Time content.  But to what end, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you. Every Monday the mods over at will vote on an image that was submitted to the '/r/adventuretime banner' folder to be displayed in the /r/adventuretime community banner for the next week. Your artwork will grace the top of the webpage and your name and a link to your profile will be featured in the sidebar for over 140,000 subscribers to see!


- The image must relate to Adventure Time! There are no content requirements other than this, but banners relating to new or upcoming episodes may get extra points for relevance!
- The submitted artwork must have a width between 1920-2500 pixels and a height between 125-150 pixels- a rather unusual and challenging ratio to work with- so prepare to get creative! Larger images are accepted, but may have to be cropped to fit the banner. Also, banners that seamlessly repeat at the sides might get bonus points as they tile better on large monitors!
- You are welcome to submit as many banners as you would like, but only one will be chosen each Monday. After the winner has been chosen, the "/r/adventuretime banner" folder will be emptied and you may resubmit your banners for the next vote.
- By submitting to the folder, you give /r/adventuretime the right to use your artwork on their webpage and to link to your profile in the sidebar. If you wish to remain anonymous, please say so in your artwork's description.

Some examples of previous banners are featured below:

Halloween Banner by Winkle92  Gunter Banner by Winkle92  Day Banner by Winkle92  Night Banner by Winkle92

That's it! The first banner will be chosen a week from this post- January 19th, so get those creative juices flowing! And if you are interested, check out!

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them!
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Fat Lemongrab Stamp by CoyChimera
UNACCEPTABLE -Mature- Maduro
Stuck x3! by Jiggly-Knight

Mature Content

Princess Bubblegum Benday Dots by richardnixon1968

Mature Content

Bmo is a real boy now by lucky1717123

Mature Content

Bubbline by PizzaAddictedWitch
Valentines Shipping Contest Folder CLOSED
Valentine's - Flame Flower by haine-bear
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AT Crossover Comic by Kozmo-Khaotic
AT Twilight Crossover by LeighAniME
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BMO Halloween Contest
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BMO Ring by Mortdres
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r adventuretime banners
The Many Manly Men of Ooo by Venof-Unis-Jinanx
Atbanner by pizzaloves

Hey! To get you started!

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:bulletgreen:Tagalog: [link]

Hey! Welcome to the Adventure Time fan club! Just click the join button, and boom, your in.

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:bulletpink:Ad Zone Want to have your art, commissions, contests, literature, and/or user promoted and featured here? Click here for details!

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We only accept Adventure Time content
Please submit your works into the right folders using the following chart and folder list as your guides:

ATClub Submissions Process by awesome-ersauce

Our Folder List

AT Robots- BMO, NEPTR, etc. Any AT robots go here.

Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn Anything Princess Bubblegum or Lady Rainicorn.

Comics For comic pages of Adventure Time characters.

Cosplay and crafts is for any kind of Adventure Time cosplay, sculptures, knits, or other real life objects.

Crossover for pictures containing content from other fandoms.

Fanfiction, Literature is for any and all fan written stories pertaining to Adventure time.

Finn Anything Finn related.

Finn and Jake Finn and Jake together.

Flame Princess For Flame Princess.

Gender Swap Only gender-bent characters except if it's a couple then it goes to fanshipping...

Group Pics Multiple AT characters in the same picture.

Ice King and Gunter Anything Ice King related.

Jake Anything Jake related.

LSP You know you want these lumps.

Marceline Anything related to the vampire queen.

Memes Demotivators, draw this memes, rage faces and more...

Minor Characters Anyone who isn't a main character (not OCs)

OCs, Ask Accounts, Commissions, etc. is for any kind of Adventure Time fan-character you or someone else makes up. It's also for OC's you may draw in Adventure Time style, ask accounts, commission information, individual contests, adoptables, requests, self insertions, and the like.

Other Princesses For any princess who doesn't already have a folder.

Other WIPs, Fan Theories, places, objects, and everything else that has something to do with Adventure Time!

Shipping anything romance/couple related

Stamps and Icons is for, well stamps, avatars, and icons.

UNACCEPTABLE for the more mature side of AT.

We'll also have group contest folders for when they are held.

Submitted to the wrong folder? Don't worry! We won't ban you or anything for getting it wrong, we'll just move it to the right folder or remind you about where it goes.

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Want to be featured here? Just make a donation of 100:points: or more to
and let us know after you do!


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